• Partnered with AP GOVT , Paatasala offers a 4 year Telugu course, with new LSRW (Listening, Speaking ,Reading and Writing ) Methodology.
  • Paatasala welcomes people to start new centers and also looking for Volunteers to work as Area Directors, Center Coordinator and Teachers. Contact us at

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Why Paatasala!

Most NRI Parents want their children learn just how to speak, read and write their mother tongue TELUGU and Paatasala provides just that by teaching PRIMARY level TELUGU in most simple , scientific and modern way. Paatasala is a Partner to School Education dept, AP Govt and also a 501 C (3) Certified Non Profit Organisation.

Learning Centers

Bay Area in California state is the base and the leading force for Paatasala as the Paatasala was conceptually started in Bay Area with the support of Telugu Association of North America (TANA) in October 2020 with 4 centers and an estimated 50 students.

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