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Just like a newly born child learns to talk, our student will learn the alphabets, so we concluded this courses as Telugu PALUKU. The syllabus will broadly deal with learning alphabets - vowels, speaking two/three/four letter words, doing related exercises, Numbers 1-10 etc. Text books & Exercise books are developed on School Education Dept prescribed syllabus Students will mainly understand the words and able to speak with a teaching formula of 50% Oral and 50% Written

Telugu Adugu (Part-1) & (Part-2)

After the kid started speaking small words ( palukulu), he/she will start WALKing and hence we named Year 2 as Telugu ADUGU. The syllabus covers Alphabets – consonants and making of simple and complex words. Syllabus covers States in India, USA, Poems, Numbers from 11-100 Students will understand the words and speak and also start writing with a teaching formula of 40% Oral and 60% Written

Telugu Parugu (Part-1) & (Part-2)

After the baby has started walking, he moves on to the next stage – running. Hence, our Level III course is named as Telugu PARUGU. The syllabus will be on learning adjectives, adverbs, attributes and exercises on all of these items, tense makers, sentence makers, knowing about traditions, festivals, literature, poetry, poets etc. Telugu Parugu course shall have a teaching formula of 30% Oral and 70% Written

Telugu Velugu (Part-1) & (Part-2)

After talking, walking and running, the child's talent gets polished in all aspects. Our Level IV course is named as Telugu VELUGU. The syllabus will be on learning about Telugu culture, fine arts, vocations & crafts, historical information about Telugu people, epic poets, geography of Andhra Pradesh, Telugu poets, eminent Telugus in India & abroad, etc. Telugu Velugu course shall have a teaching formula of 20% Oral and 80% Written

Telugu Matladu (Part-1) & (Part-2)

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