Admissions Policy

Paatasala Inc is a California, USA based 501 C (3) certified Non-Profit organization and is now functioning under the umbrella of Telugu Association of North America ( TANA- Tana Inc. ) Paatasala welcomes children of 5 years and above to get admitted into Telugu Paluku (Year 1)Telugu Adugu (Year 2) and Telugu Parugu (Year 3) and Telugu Velugu (Year 4) also can have admissions … but only after the students writes and passes a qualifying examinations. Similarly, students (5 years+ )can join in Paluku Similarly, and below 5 years ( above 4 years) can join in Tarangam..Tarangam course.. ( a Pre Primary course).

Paatasala ONLINE

Because of Corona pandemic situation allover the world including USA, Paatasala has started an Online LMS ( Learning Management System) using Moodle software. The developed system is very scientific, modern and very easy to operate. Paatasala introduced this on Udagi day, 25 March 2020 and completed the Academic year 2019-20 using the same.

Now, Paatasala’s Academic year 2020-21 will have ONLINE teaching only till normalcy is restored all over America.

Broadly the schedule for Paatasala academic year 2020-21 for North America :
  • Semester I
  • Start : September 2020 Up to 3rd week of Feb 2021.
  • Semester II
  • Start : From 4th week of February 2021 Up to 3rd week of June 2021.
  • Semester III
  • Start : July & August 2021.
General Terms & Conditions of Admissions

Paatasala , being a certified Non Profit organization, follows very strict rules in terms of all financial transactions. It has made an Online payment Gateway through TANA’s Payment Gateway and parents are requested make fees through Online only.

Paatasala do not take any responsibility for payments made with out proper and complete details of the student through online. If online payment is not possible, parents are hereby requested to pay through check or credit card along with complete students registration details.

Paatasala academic year starts from September every year ( in North America) and will go up to June of the following year. The fees being paid is valid for one complete academic year.

Every student is eligible to attend Paatasala classes and also receive text books for the course he/she is attending to.

Every student will also be eligible for receiving eLearning modules and related online exercises. ( eLearning is an online facility which will be made available exclusively to Paatasala students)

All the students are supposed to follow Paatasala timings strictly and also the instructions given by teachers of Paatasala centers. Students also shall follow teachers guidance in taking class work and or home work.

All the students shall attend weekly/ monthly tests or periodic examinations and shall score good marks. Students with poor performance shall be detained in the same class.

Parents are hereby requested to support Paatasala’s efforts in bringing Telugu teaching facilities and volunteer some help to the center where their child is studying.

Parents are requested to volunteer for servicing atleast one class per semester which involves attending the class along with their child, supervising student's arrival and exit for that day assisting the teacher & Center coordinator.

Paatasala shall organize various events and students are encouraged to participated in all those activities as much as possible.

Paatasala centers in each city shall conduct Vasanthotsavam( Annual Day) and students are encouraged to participate in the same.

Decisions of Paatasala management (Teachers or Center coordinators or Area Directors) shall be final on any matter or activity related to their Paatasala center.

Terms & conditions for Refunds

Paatasala management fixes Fees for each course which may differ from place to place and students/ parents shall make payments willfully.

Fees once paid shall not be refunded. However, on genuine cases, Parent may make a Refund claim and Paatasala management may refund the fees paid.

Parents shall get complete fee less $ 20 if the Refund claim is made within 7 days of Academic year commencement. They shall get 50% of the fees if the claim is made with in one month of the academic year starts. No refund shall be made if the claim is made after 30 days.

Parents may kindly cooperate and make their Refund claims following the procedure as Paatasala Inc is a 501 C (3) certified organization.

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